Singing the lord's song : a study of Isaiah 40-55 / Birch, Bruce C. - Donación Ana Rita, Carlos, Rubén Pagura Alegría

30 Agosto 2017 En Nuevas adquisiciones

Isiah 40-55 are the most often quoted Old Testament chapters in the New Testament. For centuries these chapters have captivated Bible students with their beautiful, songlike poetry. This Scripture is also studied because of the widespread belief that these chapters foretell Christ's coming.
Now Bruce C. Birch, writing in easy-to-understand language for general Bible students, illuminates Isaiah 40-55 by revealing five important themes that run through these passages: exile and judgment; the foundations of hope; God's Creation; God's salvation; and the servant of the Lord. Throughout the book, Dr. Birch discursses the meaning of the Scripture, both during the prophet's time and today.


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