An economist’s guide to climate change science / Quantifying economic damages from climate change / The cost of reducing greenhouse gas emissions / Is this tax reform, or just confusion? / Measuring the effects of corporate tax cuts / Outside the box: unconventional monetary policy in the great recession and beyond / Unconventional monetary policies in the Euro area, Japan and the United Kingdom / Ending global poverty: why money isn’t enough / Universal basic incomes versus targeted transfers: anti-poverty programs in developing countries / Retrospectives: on the genius behind David Ricardo’s 1817 formulation of comparative advantage / Recommendations for further reading.

Firm sorting and agglomeration / Near-feasible stable matching with couples / The costs for patronage: evidence from the British empire / The logic of insurgent electoral violence / Strategic patient discharge: the case of long-term care hospitals / Measuring and bounding experimenter demand / Mismatch of talent: evidence on match quality, entry wages, and job mobility / Temporary protection and technology adoption: evidence form the Napoleonic blockade / The long-run effects for disruptive peers / BKK the EZ way: international ling-run growth news and capital flows / Innovation, reallocation, and growth.

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