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The American Economic Review – Volume 108 – Nº 12 – December 2018

31 Enero 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

How are SNAP benefits spent? Evidence from a retail panel / Bad investments and missed opportunities? Postwar capital flows to Asia and Latin America / Market integration, demand, and the growth of firms: evidence from a natural experiment in India / Taking a financial position in your opponent in litigation / Speed, accuracy and the optimal timing of choices / Identifying industry margins with price constraints: structural estimation on pharmaceuticals / Health care access, costs, and treatment dynamics: evidence from In Vitro fertilization / Time versus state in insurance: experimental evidence from contract farming in Kenya / Why is pollution from US manufacturing declining? The roles of environmental regulation, productivity and trade / Commuting, migration, and local employment elasticities / The nexus of monetary policy and shadow banking in China.

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