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American Economic Journal: Economic Policy – Volume 11 – Nº 1 – February 2019

11 Marzo 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

Are consumers poorly informed about fuel economy? Evidence from two experiments / Who really benefits from consumption tax cuts? Evidence from a large VAT reform in France / The long-run impacts of financial aid: evidence from California’s Cal Grant / Direct and spillover effects of middle school vaccination requirements / Best prices: price discrimination and consumer substitution / Judicial politics and sentencing decisions / Physician beliefs and patient preferences a new look at regional variation in health care spending / Does it matter if your health insurer is for profit? Effects of ownership on premiums, insurance coverage, and medical spending / Effectiveness of fiscal incentives for R&D: Quasi-experimental evidence / Simulating the vote: ARRA road spending and vote share / The out-of-state tuition distortion / Liquidity constraint tightness and consumer responses to fiscal stimulus policy / Patchwork policies, spillovers, and the search for oil and gas / An estimable model of income redistribution in a federation: Musgrave meets Oates.

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