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11 Marzo 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

The impact of monitoring in infinitely repeated games: perfect, public, and private / The risk of failure: trial and error learning and long-run performance / Impressionable votes / Make and buy: outsourcing, vertical integration, and cost reduction / Zone pricing in retail oligopoly / Competition in treasury actions / Randomizing endowments: an experimental study of rational expectations and reference-dependent preferences / Market share contracts. Exclusive dealing, and the integer problem / Collective choice in dynamic public good provision / The evolution of cooperation: the role of costly strategy adjustments.

11 Marzo 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

Are consumers poorly informed about fuel economy? Evidence from two experiments / Who really benefits from consumption tax cuts? Evidence from a large VAT reform in France / The long-run impacts of financial aid: evidence from California’s Cal Grant / Direct and spillover effects of middle school vaccination requirements / Best prices: price discrimination and consumer substitution / Judicial politics and sentencing decisions / Physician beliefs and patient preferences a new look at regional variation in health care spending / Does it matter if your health insurer is for profit? Effects of ownership on premiums, insurance coverage, and medical spending / Effectiveness of fiscal incentives for R&D: Quasi-experimental evidence / Simulating the vote: ARRA road spending and vote share / The out-of-state tuition distortion / Liquidity constraint tightness and consumer responses to fiscal stimulus policy / Patchwork policies, spillovers, and the search for oil and gas / An estimable model of income redistribution in a federation: Musgrave meets Oates.

11 Marzo 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

When Britain turned inward: the impact of interwar British protection / The taxing deed of globalization / Drilling like there’s no tomorrow: bankruptcy, insurance, and environment risk / Recovery from the great depression: the farm channel in spring 1933 / Equilibrium provider networks: bargaining and exclusion in health care markets / Demand and supply of infrequent payments as a commitment device: evidence from Kenya / The social value of financial expertise / Learning to coordinate: a study in retail gasoline / Fainess and frictions: the impact of unequal raises on quit behavior / Financing durable assets / Optimal trend inflation.

26 Febrero 2019 En Publicaciones periódicas

Informe Especial: Agroindustria: Evolución y desarrollo / Ovoproductos: De la granja a la mesa / Agricultura segura, responsable y sustentable / Maíz para una mejor seguridad alimentaria / México, entre miel y abejas / Cosechas más rentables de la mano de la tecnología / El futuro de las harinas no convencionales / Microbiota sana para una vida sana / Comer de forma sostenible / Startups innovadoras y creativas.

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