Miércoles, 11 Marzo 2020 17:31

Temptation / Dietrich Bonhoeffer - D. Ana Rita, Carlos, Rubén Pagura Alegría

Lead us not into temptation. Natural man and moral man cannot understand this prayer. Natural man wants to prove his strength in adventure, in struggle, in encounter with the enemy. That is life. "If you do not shake your life you will never win it". Only the life, which has run the risk of death, is life which has been won. That is what natural man knows. Moral man also knows that his knowledge is true and convincing only it is tried out and proved, he knows that the good can live only from evil, and that it would not be good but for evil. So moral man calls out evil, his daily prayer is - Lead me into temptation that I may test out the power of good in me.
If temptation were really what natural man and moral man understand by it, namely, testing of their own strength - whether their vital or their moral or even their Christian strength - in resistance, on the enemy, then it is true that life is won only from death and the good only from the evil is a piece of thoroughly worldly knowledge which is not strange to the Christian.


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